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first asian european conference on avian influenza in humans 2006

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News :

20-06-2006: M. Jean Marie Le Guen, President of the parlementary mission on Avian Influenza, Member of the French Assemblée Nationale, will participate to the Round Table discussion on Friday June 30
14-06-2006: The Paris Anti-Avian Influenza 2006 Conference will be opened by Dr Félix Rey, Director of the department of Virology of the Intitut Pasteur of Paris, France
13-06-2006: The Pr Didier Houssin, Responsible for the fight against Influenza in France, Member of the French Ministry of Health will attend to the conference and make a presentation about the strategies to prevent avian influenza in humans in a non pandemic frame.
20-04-2006: Dr Suryaprakash Sambhara (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, USA) will present his work published in The Lancet about the Development of adenoviral-vector-based pandemic influenza vaccine against antigenically distinct human H5N1 strains in mice.
27-02-2006: Pr Albert Osterhaus from the National Influenza Centre of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, will talk about the need of a global task force for influenza.
14-02-2006: Pr Van Der Werf from the Pasteur Institute of Paris will talk about the latest advances on vaccination and their interest in prevention of a pandemic
25-01-2006: Dead line for the submission abstracts : May 29, 2006
09-01-2006: Registration is open for the Asian European Conference on Influenza 2006

Scientific committee and Speakers :
  • Dr Milan Brahmbhatt
    (The World Bank Group, USA)
  • Dr Christianne Bruschke
    (OIE, France)
  • Dr Simon Cauchemez (UK)
  • Pr Leonid Chernomordik (USA)
  • Pr Erik De Clercq (Belgium)
  • Pr Jean Philippe Derenne (France)
  • Pr David Fedson (France)
  • Dr Erich Hoffmann (USA)
  • Pr Didier Houssin
    (French Minestry of Health, France)
  • Dr Nicolas Jacq (France)
  • Pr Menno de Jong (Viet Nam)
  • Dr Amit Kumar
    (CombiMatrix, USA)
  • Dr Anne Mosnier
    (GROG, France)

  • Pr Albert Osterhaus
    (ESWI, The Netherlands)
  • Dr Felix Rey
    (Institut Pasteur, France)
  • Dr Guenael Rodier
    (WHO Europe, Denmark)
  • Dr Suryaprakash Sambhara
    (CDC, USA)
  • Pr Baik-Lin Seong (South Korea)
  • Dr David Swayne (USA)
  • Dr Ross Upshur (Canada)
  • Pr Koos Van der Velden
    (EISS, The Netherlands)
  • Pr Sylvie Van der Werf
    (Institut Pasteur, France)
  • Dr Guy Vernet (France)